Tuesday, April 6, 2010


This is my first post after the storm that hit economies worldwide has subsided.

I guess organizations are back to recruiting people who they believe will add to their bottom lines. However I wonder how many trainers who were thrown to the storm have been taken back? Why is training considered the support function from which extras can be shoved back to cut on costs? These and many more queries have troubled me during this period where I received numerous requests for freelance training support from many individuals. I could not help all and hence in the process I guess I have that much more colleagues who now vie for business from the same pool of resources that we operate in. I wish them all the luck.

However there is a much more serious issue which I intend to raise in this post.

Maybe the organizations are right in chopping so calles support functions like training and hence the current trend of mentoring hands on professionals to become trainers / coaches. This model has its own benefits

  1. You do not carry extra training staff baggage
  2. The professionals double up as trainers as and when required and switch back to their professional roles. We have labelled these training professionals as FLEXI TRAINERS.
  3. The flexi trainers don the cap of the mentor as they succesfully climb the organization ladder thereby building a self relaint organization.

In times to come one of the prime competencies that recruiters would look for in any profile of four plus years of experience is range of trainings provided and number of training hours completed. (I should admit it sounds somewhat like a pilot declaring his number of flying hours !!)

I invite a discussion from all serious minded HR captains and individuals on this growing trend - its future and its pitfalls. To achieve an open minded discussion I should cease from influencing / biasing the same by further scripting my thoughts on this issue.

Look forward to a fruitful discussion on upcoming inhouse training trends in corporate India.

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