Monday, March 18, 2013


EAT THAT FROG – A very interesting concept by Brian Tracy for prioritizing skills. A must know for all behavioral trainers skilling for time management. It advocates listing your worst / most feared task first – something like the first thing you eat early morning for breakfast should be your frog – the most difficult to eat and hence the first thing to get out of your way.

All is excellent about the concept except for the naming bit which sounds very YUCK!!!! … and that’s exactly what I felt when I heard that the Kazakhs eat their horses. Unimaginable… the very thought was not very palatable. Not until I got a chance to sample it. The sight of the grilled meat was truly very enchanting… to my taste buds the meat seemed coarse but nonetheless delectable. However I could not get over the thought that I had just partaken horse meat. I considered it impolite to express the same at the supper table to my host. Nonetheless I was determined to further inquest how the horse happened to get grilled for the table menu.

I got my opportunity during our sightseeing tour and I popped the question to my host. He simply smiled knowingly. After a while he asked “did you enjoy the meal” I replied hesitatingly “Yes – I did”. As we went around the town I was visibly enchanted by the Kazakh women who were so independent and yet had a strong sense of modernity blended with cultural conservatism. My host as if reading my thoughts said that women in Almaty were respected and were safe at all times. That the severely westernized outfits they wore was not a camouflage for their cultural conservatism but a statement of their freedom and sense of security. Without giving a thought to what I was saying I muttered aloud Alas!! Only if a fraction of this sense of security could prevail in the women of Delhi. In response my host replied “the horse here is not as secure as our women are”.

I had my answer … It is better not to be a hypocrite with a false sense of pity for the horse rather than our own fellow human beings. As a trainer it is a new lesson for me in prioritizing skills KILL YOUR HORSE BUT RESPECT AND LOVE YOUR WOMEN.

The above blog is a work of fiction though based on the collective experience of the author during his visit to Kazakhstan. Any relevance is purely co-incidental. There has been no malafide intention to hurt any person or community. These are views of the individual only and there are bound to be differences of opinion.

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